Shereen Soliman

I’m Shereen,

Traveller, thinker and explorer of all things inside and out.

In 2015 my whole world was turned upside down, by some very tragic events…


In the space of one year I had my heart broken, was violently attacked in an attempted rape and then suddenly lost my father. It was a difficult year. After experiencing these traumas I was left with very painful emotions to deal with such as anger, severe anxiety and depression. These feelings had a massive impact on my behaviour and resulted in aggression, insomnia, negative thought patterns and panic attacks. Because of the shame I associated with these ‘negative’ feelings, I started to avoid many social situations, ultimately compromising the nomadic life I’d become accustomed to. To put it bluntly, I felt trapped by emotions that I didn’t understand, couldn’t name and didn’t know how to break free from.

In order to get my confidence back and resume my explorative lifestyle I decided to approach these traumas like all my other life challenges – with curiosity, determination and the knowledge that the lessons would be worth any pain along the way. Lucky for me I had the help and guidance of a best friend who just happened to be a psychologist and was able to teach me how to identify, unpick and release the extreme emotions that were holding me back from where I wanted to be in my life. I learnt how to create a nurturing environment around me by identifying the self care tools that allowed me to feel nourished even in the darkest of moments. I learnt how to approach therapists and therapies with discernment so I only invested in the services and products that were right for me at the right time.

Most importantly I learnt how to empower myself so that I became the expert on my healing journey to lead me towards the authentic, confident and fearless entrepreneur I’ve always dreamed of being.

“Emotions are like dirty family secrets, we all have them, they affect deeply, but we’re not willing to talk about them. The thing is, if we want to move forward in our lives then we need to unstick ourselves from them, and I can show you how.”

I want to break the taboo of talking about ‘hard stuff’ because I believe that by understanding and processing our own emotions, we become more compassionate and connected as human beings. That’s why I documented my whole emotional awakening journey on my original blog Trauma on Tour, and it’s why I’m now teaching all the lessons I learnt through this journey.

“We all go through tough stuff sometimes and if we process it properly we can use it as a learning experience and then be a greater support for others – what an awesome life concept! “

If you’re interested in empowering yourself to get unstuck from your emotions so you can move towards the life of your dreams then you’re in the right place.