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Hi, I’m Shereen

I’m here to show you how you can free yourself from an emotional rut, navigate therapies and personal development tools in an empowered way, and start moving forward in life.

Since the Unstuck program, everything in my life has shifted. I feel motivated, I’m happy and I’m moving forward towards my goals.
— Ruth, Mallorca


Unstuck is an emotional awareness training program which takes you through practical exercises that help you identify, unpick and release the emotions that hold you back from what you want in your life.

Throughout the program you’ll naturally increase your emotional literacy, self-awareness and compassion. You’ll also discover what makes you feel happy, gain the power to take control of your life direction and learn how to make positive choices that serve you daily.

Are you ready to live a life of freedom, authenticity and passion?

 Thank you Shereen for so much useful information! The workshop was fascinating and fun. Loving the book too....making my way through and my skin is feeling great!
— Alena - Mallorca
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Natural Self Care

The only way to get over it, is to go through it and that journey isn’t always an easy ride, that’s why it’s important to make self care a priority.

Abanico Spa is the wellbeing brand with a difference.

With a strong focus on body awareness, emotional wellbeing and sustainability, these natural spa and self care workshops will leave every part of you feeling nourished.

Abanico Spa offers educational workshops which are perfect for wellbeing events and occasions that you want to make extra special. If education isn’t your thing, check out our pamper parties for fun, nurturing experiences perfect for hen parties and retreats.


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